Title             Animal School HAMAHAMA

Theme         Slapstick comedy edutainment

Target age    Preschool 5~7

Format         Full 3D CGI(HD)

Duration       26eps x 5mins

The winner of the

athletic trophy

Your wish will come true!

Woopy, the Legendary Teacher of the Animal Sports School!

He was visited by the failing students, Load of the Ballet team, Hoody of the Basketball team and Runner of the Running team.

Woopy trying to help Load, Hoody and Runner with the wrong lifestyle to become the best athletes.

The story between their different wishes creates sympathy within us.

Can the main characters fulfill their own wishes?



HAMAHAMA_storyboard (Load)_2020.01.09
HAMAHAMA_storyboard (runner)_2020.01.15.
HAMAHAMA_storyboard (Hoody)_2020.01.13

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