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We Design creative IP.

We plan creative production professionals and creative projects from concept planning to production of content

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Based on creative animation, we develop characters that have strong charater and charm and can communicate dynamically with the world.

What We Do

Sangdan Studio Co.,Ltd.

passionately works to create digital content and develop technology revolving around 3D animation.

It brings happiness to people through stories and images children and all generations relate to.

In addition, it is a video specializing company that makes growth upon contents suitable for the global market

with diversely linked businesses.

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We conduct multi-character businesses such as merchandising in line with global trends.

From toys to publications, stationery, apparel, Musical, and beverages.

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To expand IP utilization area across the contents business, we produce and plan creative webtoon contents.

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Develops into game content that can synergize our core IP, and takes on creative challenges to expand IP.

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